Sunday, May 28, 2006

Corporate Stupidity Rant

Now I may be wrong on the detail here because I've only just heard about it, but even if the BBC are thinking about the following then it is a victory for creative stifiling bureaucrats.

What are they going to do? Do their entire drama commisioning for the year in January.

Now that may be great for the accountants to do their budgeting. But what about the writer who comes up with a concept that is better than anything they have just commissioned but he does it in February?

Is he going to hang around until next January? You bet he fucking isn't. He's going to pitch it to the other networks. And so are all the other writers up to December.

Result - The other networks get first pick of the best projects and the BBC are left with the scraps.

Sheer, unadultarated fucking madness thought up by highly paid mandarins who haven't a fucking clue about the creative process.

It might be seeping through in the subtext that I'm a little upset by this prospect? Hopefully someone will see sense.

It seems to me the BBC is in turmoil. John Birch had about as much creatitivity as the bubbles in a can of coke. He was brought in as a money man and carved a swathe of fear through Auntie Beeb. Greg Dyke was a short lived godsend and the Beeb was on the road to recovery before he fell on his sword over Iraq.

Now this?

There has to be a happy balance between commerce and creativity. This is a sign that the scales are tipping the wrong way.

Rant over.

Normal service will be resumed after I go out and kill and accountant.

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sarajb said...

Well, be sure to steer clear of their lone sympathy badge and choose one without glasses.