Saturday, July 15, 2006

Newsnight Review

Anyone else catch this? They were reviewing ''Sorted''

It got pretty much slaughtered apart from PD James who said it wasn't brilliant but it would do alright.

But I think the point several of us were making here was that ''it will do alright'' is not acceptable when it is just about every show that's on. I want Brilliant. I want ''must see'' TV. And I don't think that is asking too much.

I don't know Danny Brocklehurst from a hole in the head except that he is in the Paul Abbot fold. I've no doubt he's a really nice guy. I've no doubt he's a very good writer. But the Paul Abbot fold and Andrew Davis fold and Tony Jordan fold are all in a very powerful position.

They account for much of the drama we see on TV. So why not use that power to force the execs to quit aiming for the middle of the road. I don't mind the odd kitchen sink drama and plodding cop shows but enough is enough.


OnMeJack said...

'Writer As King'

I watched and was disappointed by 'Jane Hall', like the writer and think Nicola Shindler is a great drama producer, but the show just didn't work for me. My girlfriend's mum, she loved it.

Point being there is room for all things but they really should add to not detract from their genre style etc.

As great as 'Our Friends in the North' and 'State of Play' were. Sometimes you don't want anything deep.

I love 'Badgirls' becuase it doesn't pretend to be more then it is and has lots of fun with the arena it is in.

In the early nineties, before the 'Death of' storyline i read Superman comics and i read remember reading a review about how the storys after the death storyline wasn't as good as the storys before. The qoute was something along the lines of 'Things were better for Superman when nobody was reading Superman'

I feel the same way about watching 'The Bill' these days

English Dave said...

onmejack - Jane Hall was made and sat on the shelf for 2 years before ITV decided to show it. That's got to say something about their own take on it.

OnMeJack said...

Deff, I'd been looking forward to it for almost as long.

'Jane Halls Big Bad Bus Ride' aparently they removed the word bus becuase they thought the Word bus would put people off...

Has it got to the stage yet where ITV Drama has become an Oxymoron?

Piers said...

Jimmy McGovern thinks so.