Wednesday, August 16, 2006

No news is news.

So I guess it must be close on 4 weeks since my spec went out to producers. And so far.....not a dicky. Nada. Zilch. A deafening silence.

Not that deep down in my heart of hearts I really expected it. Four weeks isn't a long time to a producer with a pile of specs to get through on top of the everyday battle to turn paper into pictures.

But secretely you always hope someone is going to be on the phone the next day saying ' We read it overnight. We LOOOOOOOVE it baby!'

I used to be a firm believer in the 'quick yes and slow no'. Now, not so much. I posted previously about an early experience with Casualty where they had my script for close on four months before they read it and hired me - They are not alone.

So I'll give it a couple more weeks - it is Summer, people go on hoilday - then I'll tickle around for some kind of reasonse, any! Then when I have some feedback [and assuming no one's willing to shell out Pesos] I'll consider a rewerite and hit the second wave of producers.

Meantime, I'll do another spec! Just as soon as a good enough idea strikes me. I'm in the 'discard' stage right now. A brief glimpse of something I think might work but after pondering decide against it. I'll go through maybe 10 0r 15 of those kind of ideas until something sticks. Something I'd not only like to see, but like to write.

But one is coming. I know the symptoms. The edginess, unable to sit still, excited feeling in the chest [ although that maybe heartburn as I've just had a turkey sandwich] The bubbles are rising up through the swamp and plopping on the surface. Eventually one will break free and float long enough for me to grab on to it. It might be a few hours or a few days, but it's on it's way.

And that is maybe why I love this so much. The ups and downs, the insecurity, the rejection, the script battles, the ego and stupidity you can encounter [in others as well!] pale into insignificance when character idea and story have hit you in that blinding flash and you sit poised at the keyboard ready to create a world.


susiesoap said...

Hello Dave.
Hard to get across to non-writers what an all consuming activity Waiting is.
"What did you do today?"
"Plans for the weekend?"
"Wait and see what turns up."
"How about next week?"
"Phew. You'll be lucky. Shed load of waiting pencilled in. Unlikly to manage much else..."

Only relief is fantasy phone calls. Ring, ring.
"John! Hi!... Meeting at Estree on the 23rd? Hang on let me check my diary...Oooh. Tricky...23rd? Seem to be...No, no, can do it. Just need to reschedule 'Waiting' to the 24th. There! Now, who should I ask for at reception?"
Sends the poor person trying to sell me credit card insurance right off script.

Upgrading to Waiting Lite, where you wait and write at the same time, seems the way to go.

English Dave said...

Waiting Lite is definitely the way. lol

There is an element of luck in something being bought or not but the more you write the luckier you get.

susiesoap said...

Cheers Dave.
Golf legend, feted by world leaders, and best of all multi millionaire. Gary Player's philosophy certainly worked for him...

English Dave said...

I liked J. Paul Getty's advice on how to get rich.

'Early to bed, early to rise, and strike oil.'

Or Richard Branson's advice on how to become a millionaire.

'Become a Billionaire then buy an airline'


Schmucks with Underwoods said...

Yeah, a slow response doesn't always equal a no. I've had positive responses months later. Still, I know what you mean about the overnight read and ensuing bidding war fantasy. LOL. We've all been there buddy, and will no doubt be there in the future!

Mohan Shrestha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
English Dave said...

Not censoring anyone! It was one of those effing spammers.

susiesoap said...

That's a shame Dave. Intrigued by a comment so vile and twisted, even hardened scriptwriters couldn't stomach it.

English Dave said...

Susie it was a page of links to something to do with Bingo.

I presume that's the game old ladies play.

Sick. sick I tells ya.

susiesoap said...

Filthy bingo - with its eyes down, two fat ladies and clickety clicking. Dave the moral being of this blog teetered on a knife edge, and you saved it. Thank you.