Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The viewers seem to be unanimous in saying this newest reality offering from C4 is crap.

I'm not a big fan of reality shows at the best of times but this seems to be the most ill conceived effort since that one about sleep deprivation - which was little better than a snuff movie.

Unanimous - 9 people in a bunker arguing about who should be given a million quid and the decision has to be unanimous?

Firstly I don't give a stuff which one of them gets it. Except to think why the hell should they? For doing what exactly? Not one of them seemed the least bit deserving to be handed a million quid on a plate.

Secondly, in the few minutes I was able to suffer it, it appeared to me there was absolutely no audience participation whatsoever. The contestants argue amongst themselves with no outside interaction. No audience voting for their favourites, influencing the outcome based on what they see?

What? And C4 scratch their heads and wonder why the ratings are disappearing faster than the contestants' self-respect?

I say give them each a baseball bat and let them fight it out. It's by far the next logical step in these depressing shows.


Riddley Walker said...

And perhaps arm a select few members of the audience with little gadgets that enable us to turn the cameras into machine guns and tasers, in case the participants flag a little...

Damn, I think we're onto something! ;-)

English Dave said...


By Gad I think we are. Where do I sign up?