Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Potdoll has tagged me. I'm computer illiterate and don't really know what that means but I gather I'm to tell 5 things not many people know about me. Oh well why the heck not.

1. I spent a night in a jail cell in Nigeria for insulting the State.

2. I have a degree in accountancy

3. I killed a sheep on a golf course when my drive smacked it right between the eyes.

4. I once played naked football in Amsterdam

5. A couple I met in a bar in Providence R.I invited me back to their place for what turned out to be a swingers party. I ate, drank and left, as opposed to eats, shoots and leaves.

What happens now? Do I tag someone and if so how? Told you I was dumb.


wcdixon said...

No more've had more than enough time to investigate Blogger and figure out links and tags and the like.

Is naked football a sport in Amsterdam? Or did you just play football naked?

English Dave said...

Damn thing wouldn't even let me post comments on my own blog! Took me 3 days to figure it out. Tells you all you need to know Will.

Naked football was our attempt to introduce dope testing into the sport. No dope-no play! lol

Good Dog said...


How much more fun would golf be if there were animals wandering about ready to be walloped a good one?

Julio Angel Ortiz said...

Pfft... who hasn't spent a night in jail in Nigeria for insulting the State? Really now...

Cybez said...

I think as one of the tagging laws you'll have to elaborate on any of the 5 things that any commenters may ask you to;-)
Mine is about
1. I spent a night in a jail cell in Nigeria for insulting the State.
What did you say?
What did you get for breakfast?

potdoll said...

a degree in accountancy?

you can go off people you know....


English Dave said...

Well if that is a law cybez then I better elaborate. lol
I was joining a ship in Lagos and the immigration guy at the airport wanted a bribe -s.o.p for Lagos.
Unfortunately I'd just come straight from relatives in Scotland and had Scottish notes. Even more unfortunate, at that time some scottish notes depicted David Livingstone remonstrating with a slave trader as slaves in shackles lay around. Immigration guy decided Livingstone was negotiating not remonstrating and didn't see the funny side lol. Breakfast was several beers in the hotel I should have been in after the shipping agent bailed me out.
Having thought about it I may still be wanted in Nigeria, lol!!! However I suspect cash changed hands.

Good dog I think you have invented a new and exciting sport.

Potty -= I know, I hate myself for that blemish on an otherwise completely irresponsible life.

Julio - lol, if God wanted to give the world an enema Lagos is where he/she would stick it.

Cybez said...

Thanks Dave :-) I remember I was flying on a Nigerian Airways plane as a child. Just behind the cockpit they'd a camping type gas cooker lit and boiling a kettle. There was a bit of commotion when they'd let the kettle boil over.It woke me up, those annoying Nigerians.