Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Writer? Who's that?

I'm in script at the moment so just a quick post while I mop up the blood.
Following on from the theme in the comments about the writer's anonymity - true story happening now.

A friend of a friend had a single drama on BBC1. An indy got the rights to turn it into a series with him as lead writer of course. A few weeks in they attempted to screw him over royally on both money and episodes. That's another story. The Beeb eventually got pissed off and pulled the plug.

The writer then read in Broadcast that said Indy had sold the format rights to America! Potentially huge bucks. He had to read it in Broadcast??? 3 months behind the times if you're lucky. He informed his agents, who attempted to find out what was going on and was told by the Indy that they had no contractual obligation to tell him anything until it was time to pay out.

Ahhhhh, the business of show.
Who cares about the creator, we're talking product!


Lucy said...

So run that past me again--

He makes it up, it gets canned, then sold later on to somewhere else by those other guys (which original guy does't have anything to do with, bad in one sense but good in another: he doesn't have to do any more work after all) - but the original guy DOES get paid for that original concept, right?

If true, whilst frustrating that he has to learn about his project from afar, it's half-good in a "money for nothing" way...?

evil twinz said...

Yeah, but does he also get his chicks for free?

Couldn't resist, lol

Long time lurker Dave, muchos respect to your particular brand of evil.

English Dave said...

Lucy - yep the original writer does get paid. Just pointing out the fact that he is lower than whale shit on the ocean floor as far as the producer is concerned. In this instance, the talentless selling the talented. when PT Barnum said 'there's a sucker born every minute' he was probably referring to his performers as much as his audience. lol

Evil - welcome. Though I don't think I'm evil lol

Lucy said...

Whale shit would be quite high on the ocean floor though, wouldn't it? I mean, those things are gigantic (dependant on species I suppose), so logically their turds would be gigantic too. So to be "lower" than whale shit you wouldn't actually have to be that low?

Sorry I'm picking holes in your analogy for no other reason than I'm bored. I do apologise. I get whast you mean entirely, ED. It's bloody daft that he makes the damn thing up but is entitled to know nothing about it.

Jaded and Cynical said...


And that's a success story.