Monday, February 20, 2006

Who can say..........

.....if this will be useful or not. I've earned a crust from this game for a number of years, done the big network shows, the soaps, have a couple of things of my own in development with networks and film prodco's.

I guess the fact that I've survived as a full time writer gives me a certain amount of knowledge, but not necessarily talent!

I'll check out this blog as often as I can and will try to answer any questions anyone has. I well remember what a mystery the business was to me when I first started and how some timely advice would have saved me a lot of leg work and misconceptions.

I'd also hope other working screenwriters will join in and bitch. [ The collective noun is 'a bitch of writers' ]


As I'm fairly computer illiterate, don't expect any bells and whistles on the site. I'm surprised I even managed to set it up. But I hope it might become a valuable resource for writers at whatever level, even if just another means to procrastinate!

Good luck. Good writing.

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Bob said...

Excellent find, I'll be scouring these pages in detail