Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Outsiders

I mean the new ITV show starring Nigel Harman which is airing shortly.

I really, really want to like this show. It should have everything I've been bleating on about to the point of annoyance in previous posts. High concept action packed drama.

A gang of freelance spies getting involved in International high jinks.

What's not to like?

Okay I have a couple of reservations. No disrespect to Nigel Harman but I can't help thinking Ross Kemp. Another EastEnder lured to ITV for inappropriate vehicles.

And Mersey TV aren't exactly known for high concept, action packed dramas.

But that aside, and the leaked memo expressing disappointment from the controller of ITV and my agent telling me the advance screening was met with general indifference, I really, really want to like this show.

I want, need and crave to the point of addiction something that makes we want to sit down and watch. Especially on ITV because I've long since ceased to cast an eye over their listings when skimming the Radio Times.

If the pilot gets decent ratings they hope to spin a series. Please God make it watchable. Don't make it the usual 'five pages' of navel gazing angst just when you need someone to burst in with a gun.

Please God, don't make it someone bursting in with a gun just when you need five pages of navel gazing angst.

In other words, please God, make it good.

You see, the problem is, that if this pilot goes belly up, the way the industry works is that from then on, every time you go in to pitch your high concept action packed drama the powers that be will suck their teeth and say ' Hmmmm, The Outsiders?'

Personally I'm ignoring the negative word. I really, really want to like this show. Have I said that already?


DJ said...

So did it suck or did it suck?


Lucy said...

It's not until Tuesday - on analogue, anyway.

Problem for me? Nigel Harman. He can't act! plus I saw him on the tube once and he was wearing sunglasses, though it may have been someone else who just looked like him...Whatever the case, it's just Dennis in a catsuit for me.

Danny-K said...

Yeah - Nigel Harman is the problem for me too. I don't see him as the lead - bit wooden. (So that means he'd be a shoe-in for joining the cast of 'Ultimate Force').

Of the odd snatches of the taster I've caught, it all seems a tad bland, with one clip in particular, (if I've viewed it correctly), seeming to be a direct lift from "Lethal Weapon", aka: Where Mel Gibson jumps from a tall building with his unwilling 'victim' in tow.

I too want to be wrong, (it looks like a 'blokes' show, ie., Spooks etc.,) although the current cast of Spooks remind me of that girl off Big Brother with the windmilling arms).

However, I can't recall a single occasion where I've been unimpressed with a trailer and then surprised and wowed upon seeing the actual production.

Poor trailer = Poor show. Yes?

Piers said...

I saw the trailer and thought - yes, I shall be giving that a try.

Not being a soap fan, I have no idea who Nigel Harman is, or what his acting capacity is.

I'm looking forward to it - and hoping I won't be disappointed.

We used to be able to make action/adventure in this country. I still believe it's possible.

Whether this will be it or not... Well, I guess we'll find out on Tuesday.

English Dave said...

So....I thought it was pretty watchable and a good attempt. Tonally I wasn't convinced. I think they were aiming for a pedigree Spooks/Avengers and got Spoovengers instead.

If Harman were a little more tongue in cheek and better use of incedental music I think that would go a long way.

If it makes a series I'll definitely watch.

English Dave said...

Foprgot to add, yes it was cliche riven but if the lighter touch I think they were aiming for had come off then I'd like to think that was actually intended. Almost a parody if you will.

Piers said...

Just watched. I liked it.

Will process and post a more fully thought-out critique at my place later.

Riddley Walker said...

Thought it was dire, but not bad enough to stop other people pitching decent stuff.