Friday, June 15, 2007

45 Minute Focus

Okay, I didn't quite make the hour. I have various excuses at the ready. Gorgeous Blonde is car shopping today. She has a Mazda ''something'' sporty little thing with the weird back doors? She's changing it for something else that I think begins with T and might have 6 in the number. She did say, but cars are an area where my eyes glaze over. I just want something that starts when I turn the key and gets me where I want to go.

Needless to say, given my obvious level of expertise she feels she needs to call and text me at regular intervals to make sure my opinion of trim, options, finance and horsepower are taken into account. I drive a 14 year old Citroen. Nuff said.

Then I had a flash of inspiration of how to play the Manchester Cathedral level of Fall Of Man on ''Hard'' level. However, as it turned out The Very Reverend Rogers Govender was not an option on my weapons list.

Writer mate and I then bitched about a show, the industry, had a laugh and generally shot the breeze for a considerable length of time. The collective noun is indeed ''a bitch of writers''

But...... in my intense 45 minutes I firmed up the premise, got the theme and the 4 main characters. I call that a good day. I would have an ending too if I had made up my mind how long it was going to be. A movie? A two parter? A series? Don't know yet. But I feel so good I may even look at the notes I got at 5.30 on a Friday with a deadline for Monday. I know production need like 3 months to get their shit together when the most important part of the whole process is rushed through in an obscenely short space of time but.........oooops bitch bitch bitch!


Jaded and Cynical said...

Unfortunately most of aren't talented enough to get a day's work done in 45 minutes.

The two great problems of working from home seem to be how do you maintain a level of productivity that isn't flat-out embarrassing; and how do you avoid ending up with a spinal column like the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

English Dave said...

Talent hasn't got much to do with it Jaded. When I first started out I had LA agents and managers. They would throw changes to story at the drop of a hat that at the time would really impress me. How do you do that?

Later I realised that was par for the course. I also realised that most of it was garbage and if I was a better writer at the time I would have sifted the garbage rather than been impressed.

A pro writer sifts garbage quicker. That's more to do with expedience than talent.