Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Day

In the spirit of Danny Stack and Dom's blogs I thought I would post on my day today as a working writer.

7.15 am shower, breakfast watch BBC News.

8.35 Take son to school. Go for walk and smoke a couple of fags.

8.50 Watch Frasier

10.oo Start to read 'The Secret'' by Rhonda Byrne

10.10 That's enough of that crap.

10.15 -11.45 Read Blogs

12.00 Go for walk and smoke a couple of fags.

12.30 Have idea for a drama based on an update of an Emile Zola novel.

1300 Realise I can't be arsed.

1306 Play Fall Of Man on son's PS3

1500 Decide I better stop fannying around and do something.

1501 Read some more blogs

1530 Watch Two and A Half Men on Paramount

1700 Go to pick son up from School.

1735 Begin cooking Stirfry

1736 Get telephone call from BBC script ed asking if I can take notes on a script over the phone. The ones I've been hanging round the house all day for .

1737. Back to stirfry having told BBC script ed to call back tomorrow, I'm cooking and the deadline is next Wednesday.

1900 Blog.

Don't get me wrong, not all days are as busy as that.


wcdixon said...

Awesome. But I really don't know how you stay on top of it all.

English Dave said...

lol Will, I may have to make my son walk home from school. He'll understand the sacrifice for the greater good.

Dom Carver said...

Damn! Looks like I'll have to work a little harder.

Phillip Barron said...

No, make him walk TO school, then you can get a lie in.

freebooter said...

Ahhh, the life of a true creative... As I sit reading your blog two men and a dog walk past my window, in a moment a car will pass... so do I make a hot chocolate, or have a lie down?

For me the call was from Soho, but can't go to meeting because going on holiday, to lie under an olive tree, where it will probably be too hot to drink hot chocolate.

The dog was a collie... I wonder if it's happy.

Really don't want to do another pass on screenplay, contemplate running away to hide instead, Stornanway looks nice...

Opt for lie down.

mark g said...

Enviably productive, but you must feel bad about failing to fit in a little self-abuse. Still; tomorrow is another day...

potdoll said...


you make me SIZZLE!

English Dave said...

Dom - caller ID is good for not speaking to wife.

Phil - Dang that is a good suggestion.

Freebooter - I believe it is clinically proven that the creative brain operates better when horizontal, so excellent choice.

Mark I missed out 1530 to 1530 and 28 seconds.

English Dave said...

Dang! And Potty it was more like 35 seconds. lol

Anonymous said...

speaking of the secret this is a funny pisstake on that scam...