Thursday, April 19, 2007

Get On The Bus, Jonathan

If you can get a hold of this book then buy it. It's a work of genius by Tony Mulholland. If you want to know what it's like to be a pro writer in the UK then this nails it. Essentially it is a series of ''fictitious'' emails from a writer to producers, agents, friends and lovers and it is hilarious , poingnent and absolutely true.

Ace producer friend gave it to me to read but it may be available on Amazon or

I'm not a shill by the way. I really did love this.


David Bishop said...

Tried amazon and lulu, without success. Can't find this book elsewhere either...

Far away said...

more info please Dave
Is there an ISBN no.?

English Dave said...

My apologies. He is actually shown as Anthony Mulholland on the cover and there is an ID number 712213 which I think refers to lulu's catalogue. If you have no luck I'll get back to the producer and see how she got hold of it.

far away said...

found it here:

English Dave said...

Thanks far away. I have no idea why someone of Tony Mulholland's stature had to self publish.

Actually having thought about the subject matter I can see why. lol