Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reality Check

I'm confused. I came into the room and my son was watching some tosh about picking Joe Public off the street to play Joe and his Amazing thingy. I swiftly left. Twenty minutes later I came back in and heard them singing songs from Grease. And I didn't recognise the same judges. Obviously this is a novel twist on reality shows. Vote for the judges? I'm assuming that was what it was because it surely couldn't have been that the two major channels had virtually identically formatted reality shows on at the same time. Could they?

Oh dear. Of course who can blame the networks as long as those phone lines keep ringing and making the programmes self financing. A bit like those £1.80 phonecalls to GMTV competitions. Does no one realise that web voting is free?

Did anyone watch the C4 programme about 2 journalists starving themselves to death? What was it Hero to Zero or something? There was definitely a zero in it somewhere. Possibly the viewing figures. As an antidote I saw C4 trail a doc about a really fat guy standing outside MacDonalds with a sign saying I'm The Burger King. So at least no bias there as far as the weight issue is concerned.

Thank goodness the next season of Strictly Come Dancing on Castaway Idol on Ice will be back soon.


Jaded and Cynical said...

When executives at GMTV found out that they had defrauded viewers out of £40m, did they claim to be:

A) Shocked and saddened
B) Tired and emotional, or
C) Drunk and disorderly

If you think you know the answer, our phone lines are open now. Just don't expect any prizes, because we picked the winner an hour ago.

wcdixon said...

funny funny...

Anonymous said...
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English Dave said...
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English Dave said...

Anonymous I removed your blog as it had your name appended. While I will try to be diplomatic in my answer your question is a tricky one bearing in mind you may be writing for them. As far as I am aware a prodco broadcasting on non terrestial only is not subject to network basic minimum agreement. It sucks but there you go.

Secondly I am well awars of this prodco and have heard first hand tales of writers being bumped off after 1st draft and then being re-written in house. One of whom has written The Bill, East Enders and several others. So draw your own conclusions as to how you might be treated. The proprietor is also well known as ......shall we say .....very hands on and ....eccentric. However a credit is a credit - if you get that far, because being bumped after first draft won't get you a credit or future royalties. Perish the thought that that is why they do it!!!!!! By no means does it happen to every writer with this prodco, but I personally know of two writers it has happened to. So, tread warily, in your position I'd probably go for it but don't expect too much. In fact recently I've heard of a couple of prodcos who seem to be 1st draft bump happy and then rewriting in house. It's a worrying trend. And one that saves them thousands of pounds. That's not to say there might not be a good reason for it, but to bump after 1st draft when every one knows a script is a drafting process is a strange way to behave.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Have since spoken to a few more people and they all said similar/don't do it. As such have decided not to commit and save heartache later down the line, ad in the Guardian should have been a warning sign. I guess agents would warn their clients off. Pity more and more prodcos are adopting this strategy, writers almost automatically expect to get shafted which isn't good in anyone's books.


English Dave said...

CL you are right to be wary of any prodco with several seasons of a show under it's belt who have to advertise in the Guardian for writers. It generally means no agent will touch them. Usually from bitter experience.