Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pick noses not fights

But fight when you really have to. All you have as a writer is your integrity. That's what makes you different from the greasy pole climbers who surround the industry. Naked honesty is your tool of trade and that will eventually make you draw a line in the sand on occasion. And I mean eventually.

When is the right occasion? When it feels like it. But only after you have been through the day to day crap you have to endure as a writer. You have to be able to identify the special crap that deserves to be fought before you don the boxing gloves. I mean the Gloves of Death. The Fuck You gloves. The 'Take Your Show And Shove It Up Your Ass' gloves.

These gloves are rarely used. Almost pristine in fact. But sometimes they have to be pulled out. I'm wiping them off with a damp cloth right now.


Good Dog said...

Are these the gloves that have INTEGRITITY written on one and DIE EVIL HACKS! on the other?

Do your job as Balzac said, "with clean hands and composure."

As you said, the gloves are easier to wipe off.

English Dave said...

Nice quote GD. It may be because I currently have a right testicle the size of a ping pong ball [seriously] that I have a particular affinity with Balzac. lol

Good Dog said...

Yikes! Well I hope you get that down to size as soon as possible.

(Oh, and obviously it was meant to be "integrity", but I kind of like "integritity").