Sunday, May 27, 2007

When to shut up.

A writer mate of mine, and I know he reads this blog but no apologies for my personal round of applause, decided enough was enough. A bunch of inexperienced no-nothing yahoohs were leading a show down the short and winding road to cancellation.

This guy has nore dramatic savvy in his wettest fart than anyone running the show has. But boy, earning big bucks from keeping your head down and giving them what they want or speaking up and being sent to Siberia, costing you many thousands of squids? That's a dillemma. And sent to Siberia was what would happen on this show given the personalities involved.

Every pro writer knows that editorial changes are par for the course. But here we are talking
direction of the show, not run of the mill editorial changes. And when that happens the good writer who has the experience to know what works speaks up. He could have been sacked. As it turned out he wasn't. In fact he did himself a lot of good thanks to top level exec changes he wasn't aware of at the time.

You can take the money and run but ultimately all a good writer has is his integrity. Well done mate, you know who you are.

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Phillip Barron said...

Hmm, 'good writer with integrity' or 'mediocre writer with a bank balance'?

Tough choice.