Monday, May 21, 2007


Yes it was deliberate. Because statistics are the way devil worshipping execs keep themselves in a job. John Yorke freely admitted that Holby Blue had virtually nothing to do with Holby but the name was a cynical exercise to market a new cop show.

THE AUDIENCE ISN'T DUMB. Or rather the POTENTIAL audience isn't dumb. And for the head of drama at the BBC to come out with crap like that isn't exactly a wizzard show, Biggles.

Holby Blue was trounced in the ratings by Midsummer Murders. But as far as demongraphics are concerned here is a very sobering thought. The average age of the 28% share of viewers of Midsummer Murders was 61. The average age of the 24% share of Holby Blue was 47.

Clear proof that we are living longer. Or maybe it just feels like it?


Good Dog said...

Blimey, at least that's big of Mr Yorke to admit the fact.

I like the TV review in The Times which finished with:

"But we must surely fear where else the BBC will explore in its favourite town. Holby Chalk (about its schools)? Holby Tesco (about its local supermarket)? Holby Recycling (about its TV production centre)?"

English Dave said...

Lol GD. Yorkie [it's not for girls! and a guy who has never written anything in his life but tours the BBC giving lectures about how to write while presiding over the lowest EastEnders ratings for 4 years] is a whizzard prang dontcha know

Good Dog said...

The string in Yorkie's leg has probably gone. That'll be the excuse from flight ops.

Jaded and Cynical said...

Demongraphics indeed.

Those numbers sort of confirm that UK TV is firmly in the realm of stuff that only pensioners could love.

America gets Jack Bauer, Sydney Bristow and Clarke Kent. We get David Jason, John Nettles and Trevor Eve.

Jaded and Cynical said...

It would seem America also gets Sarah Connor and Terminators from the future. The trailer for that show looks stunning.

Robin Kelly said...

That first episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles will look good but I still don't see it as a series.

English Dave said...

I take your point Robin. But the fact someone in TV has something even looking fantastic is a bonus for me. That's a quarter of the equation. Put that together with great storyteling, acting and marketing and you have a hit series.