Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who Are These People?

The ones who make decisions like moving Holby in a cynical marketing ploy so they can shove Holby Blue in it's spot and hope nobody notices? Well a couple of million viewers noticed. Because that's about how many Holby lost as a result of the move.

Are they the same people who decided 'Castaway' was a good idea? Did no one tell them that ''Shipwrecked' works for C4 because of the amount of young female flesh on display? Who wants to see a bunch of mostly middle aged hippies bickering? Certainly not most middle aged viewers, who it must have been aimed at.

Are they the same people who thought there was a huge difference between 'A Place In The Country' ' Homes Under The Hammer' ''Location Location, Location' and every other property show where in fact the only real difference is the lame attempts at tension they introduce.

Are they the same people who think that the UK viewing public are happy with a steady diet of middle of the road, comfy TV? Throw in a Jane Austen, a nice detective, a middle aged lawyer moving to the country and ''something with sirens but is really about the characters emotional lives'' and you've pretty much got the schedules covered.

I'd like to go on but my cocoa is ready, my slippers warming and I'm pretty sure I can catch a re-run of Rosemary and Thyme somewhere.


Good Dog said...

Was going to reply but your post made me choke on my Werthers Original and leave an unsightly stain on my tartan rug.

freebooter said...

Just came in from the garden - pruning the roses and thought I'd look at your blog before a cosy day in front of the 70" HD widescreen with my box set of Terry and June. Personaly I found Kingdom a little gritty for my tastes and instantly turned over to UK Community Cooking channel where they were in a two stage Pavlova, so, safe after all.
Now, where are my horn rimmed reading glasses..... Holby's on.

English Dave said...

lol guys. Tooo funny. We are TV's first lost generation. It's our only claim against the young.