Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Return To Sender

I had my first ever ''returned unread'' a few days ago. My agents sent a major prodco a project of mine. They sent it back unread saying they had an existing project in a similar vein and so felt it innapropriate to read my material in case of any perceived cross contamination.

Fair comment. But you know what? I'd prefer if they actually read it. I don't give a stuff about cross contamination or knicking projects. I'm not saying it never happens, but the incidence is so rare it isn't worth bothering about. And anyway, watchagonnado if it happens? So I'd have liked them to read it to see if I was coming at it in the same way they were and maybe get a gig on the show. But there you go.

I see Casualty got it's long service award at the Baftas. Good on it. 21 years and still going strong....ish.

Chatting with a writer mate the other day about the demongraphics. When we are even older than we are now will we be sitting down with a nice cup of tea to watch Midsommer Murders with the rest of the 61 year olds? Don't really know the answer to that. But if we're not then the networks are going to find their current core drama audience literally going up in smoke.


Dave Anderson said...

Well, I'm not 61 yet. But I am 55 and, if it's any consolation, I would rather have a colonoscopy than watch Midsommer Murders. My fave shows are Doctor Who, CSI and Law & Order.

I would never sully my glorious 42" Pioneer plasma with the likes of soaps, the soapified Bill or anything from the dreary Holby stable.

UK TV producers, be afraid. Be a very fraid.

Good Dog said...

Regarding Casualty, I noticed in the recent Broadcast Now article, Mr John Yorke referred to the show's glory days as:

the days when Casualty was referred to as "Britain's Hill Street Blues"

I may be wrong, but shouldn't that be Britain's St Elsewhere?

Jaded and Cynical said...

I have this great idea for a programme.

It's a drama about a bunch of anorexic college kids who've all got fake breasts and have had extensive cosmetic surgery.

Together they confront everyday teen problems, like unwanted pregnancy, drug abuse, people putting cameras in your bedroom, and shit like that.

It's called Holbyoaks and I think it would be a great replacement for Neighbours.

How do I go about selling this idea?

And do I have to add some really old people to the cast to improve the demographics?

alex said...
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English Dave said...

Dave I hear your pain. There is an audience for these programmes but there has to be counter programming for a younger audience if the networks want to increase imperical numbers rather a percentage of an ever decreasing pot.

GD lol Perhaps only Yorkie referred to it in that manner? The mixed metaphor is not a mystery to him.

Jaded, consider Hollyoaks got four soap awards compared to EE nil? [apart from Wendy Richard's well done for being alive award] And is the only soap growing it's ratings by any significant amount right now? And no I don't write for it. lol

Alex - fuck off and die you spamming scumbag.