Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm warming you!

If I see many more news stories or drama docs or movies on Global Warming I'm going to throw up. I'm sick of them. And judging by BBC 1's lowest ever Sunday ratings so are a lot of other people.

Not really the fault of the TV and Movie makers. The current fare was probably commissioned when it was the zeitgeist. Heck politicians were racing each other [usually by air or motorcade] to proclaim their green credentials.

But now it's getting to the stage where you watch the news and everything from coffee drinking to having a crap are somehow then linked to your 'carbon footprint' God I HATE that phrase.

I feel like I did with my ex-wife ' Pardon me for fucking breathing!'

Anyway, from now on, anything looking remotely like a green related programme will get no eye space chez ED. Not very PC admittedly. But PC is anathema to writers who want to challenge rather than report. Big up for Rowan Joffe for his upcoming Paedophile drama told from the point of view of the paedophile and to C4 for commissioning it. Don't know if it's good or not but I admire the bollocks.


Phillip Barron said...

You admire the paedophile's bollocks?

Jaded and Cynical said...

This would be the same Channel 4 whose only significant contribution to popular culture this year was the sight of Jade Goody screaming rascist abuse at an Indian actress, while Face from the A-Team sat watching in the corner.

Quickly followed by a primetime show about the search for Britain's top female amateur Sumo wrestler.

And even as I write, there's a trailer for a new show on the channel in which the presenters seemingly devote themselves to becoming anorexic, or close to it.

It's good that Channel 4 are trying to tackle some heavyweight drama, but it's hard to have much faith in the outcome.

English Dave said...

Phil - like the writer who thought ''Waste of two hours'' was a writer proof title, I'm having second thoughts. lol

Jaded - remember that drama is a different dept at C4 than ''entertainment''

English Dave said...

Jaded I should have added that I had just done a long post on office politics and bullshit but my computer crashed and I lost it. lol

Jaded and Cynical said...

Bad luck with the computer, Dave. Hope you didn't lose too much.

I take your point about the different departments. From the outside, we tend to view these organisations as being monolithic, but it's obviously more complex than that.

And to be fair to C4, some of the drama output's not bad. I thought Ghost Squad was as good a cop show as we've seen in years.

Pity it was cancelled in favour of How Clean Is Your Colon, or something.