Sunday, August 19, 2007

Couldn't help myself

I have to break my self imposed sabbatical because this maloderous crap was brought to my attention by my mate Dublin.,,2151869,00.html

How frickin' typical is that. Casualty, a series about doctors, can't do a story on Islamic suicide bombers because of BBC editorial guidelines?

Ummmmm, the two Glasgow bombers were Islamic doctors. Ummmmmm nearly everyone arrested in connection with this and the London bombs were connected to the NHS?

Ummmmmm do they not think this would be a perfect opportunity to show the public that not every Islamic doctor is waiting for the call to blow up their four by four in a crowded street? That say, if the bomber were treated by an Islamic doctor who thought terrorists were pieces of shit and had real moral difficulties about saving their life but because of the Hippocratic oath and his own humanity did so, that would be a really good thing to see as far as showing what by far the vast majority of Muslims in this country feel?

Ummmmm shouldn't editorial policy be more about ensuring that what is on screen is fair and balanced rather than making decisions based on which minority is going to complain more? Obviously Muslim extremist suicide bombers have the ear of 'Points Of View'' more than Animal Rights activists, because I'm straining hard to remember the last Animal Rights activist suicide bomber. I'd be up in arms if I were them! That's bordering on libel.

But most importantly of all, shouldn't drama be used to show truths and expose falsehoods? The truth is that most suicide bombers are Islamic. The unsaid lingering falsehood is that most Muslims are terrorists. That sounds crass, but if you throw enough shit it sticks. News coverage gives the hard facts of another Muslim terrorist outrage. That is the shit that sticks deep in the subconcious of the average viewer. It is rarely balanced by a report on how the vast majority of Muslims wish these assholes would just piss off. That is what needs to be promoted. We are adults, we don't need some BBC wanker deciding for us that the reality of life is not politically correct enough to screen. We want to see the different points of view explored. To be enlightened, educated and entertained - like it said in the original BBC charter.

You can do that in drama, or you can substitute it for a road rage suicide bomber for the sake of PC gone mad. No offence to anyone with road rage by the way, just in case you are reading this and don't realise what an asshole you are.

Would E.R hesitate for one second to run that story? Absolutely not! And not in a rah rah American propaganda way. In a rah rah this is drama way. Meat and drink to a show that prefers to explore real moral issues rather than who is shagging who.

Or alternately we could get BBC drama heads in charge of the news. I can see the headlines now.

Someone that no one cares about did something bad. And we hate them.

Someone that some people care about thought about doing something bad but changed their minds thanks to right minded people. And that takes us to act 2.

A really good character on a high salary but who doesn't have any more story did something completely out of character that was really bad, but oh boy had a great exit. And I might get to work with them again if they make it big.

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