Monday, August 06, 2007

I feel Empathy

I took a look at my last week's entire TV viewing. It consisted of Scrubs, Two and a Half Men, Heroes, Dexter, Studio 60, My Name is Earl, a couple of documentaries, Newsnight Review, and a couple of movies, Winchester 73 [Yay!] And the Da Vinci Code [jesus, that sucked]

Finally I came across something homegrown I could actuallty sit through. Empathy on BBC1. Okay it's not the most original premise - a guy sees your past - and possibly future judging by the trailer for next week's ep - by touching you or something that belongs to you. Kinda seen it and done it, though not on BBC1 recently.

But in the main it was slickly done, well acted, directed and written and though I thought the last act was a bit pony, the story held you pretty much to the end. Something that has been very sadly lacking in most recent dramas.

Kudos to Steve Lightfoot the writer who came up from the ranks of script ed to writer to producer, doing all three pretty much at the same time on Casualty.

Is it a series though? Time will tell. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Complete ripoff of the Dead Zone, but still ten times better than any other Brit drama. I've noticed there's a trend towards more supernatural/horror stuff at the minute, Jeckll, Lifeline etc. This can only be good, no?

Alice Fyfe

English Dave said...

Alice I think it is good that some more high comcept stuff is getting on screem, irrespectibe of the genre. The danger is that the execs do what they always do when thet have anywhere near a success on it's hands - try and repeat the formula ad inifinitum or ay least until we are all heartily sick of it. Expect a glut of supernatural thrillers in the next three years.

Good Dog said...

Don't say you missed the second episode of Studio 60. Great ending to it.

English Dave said...

It's in there GD, yep cracking ending. So far it's a mystery to me why they cancelled it.

Good Dog said...

Actually, I thought Newsnight last week was perhaps the most entertaining thing, especially after the flack they got for handling Bergman's death was carried over for Antonioni.

But that whole 'Gilbert and Sullivan' show opener was great.

Cybez said...

I'm hoping Empathy will be a series. I'd also love to see the character that Robson Green plays in 'Wire in the blood' meet the character in Empathy and work on a case together. What would that be like? :-)