Sunday, September 09, 2007


Has anyone noticed the number of movie trailers recently showing scenes that aren't in the movie? It's a bit like those adverts for computer games with the small print at the bottom saying ''not actual gameplay'' So what is the frickin point????

The latest I noticed was in the trailer for ''Knocked Up'' In the trailer the girl tells the guy she is pregnant. He asks 'why are you here hitting on me then?''

I thought that was really funny. It isn't in the movie. They play it pretty much straight with a ''You're what??? moment.

I liked the movie, don't get me wrong. But surely that is false advertising.... or something? Still there may be an upside. Next time I see a trailer for a movie featuring a WWF wrestler they might not be in it.

Just to prove my geekiness, in an nice ironic twist did anyone recognise the cheerleader in Heroes as being the main cheerleader in Bring It On 3, All Or Nothing? Wait a minute...I recognised her on the cover, I didn't rent it, honestly! My son reliably informs me that in another ironic twist she also played an adopted daughter who found out her real mother was Ally McBeal. Obviously she has that perfect, adopted cheerleader look that casting directors hunger for.

On a tangent. I forgot I had something on TV this week. I was reminded when the tape arrived a day after broadcast. Having watched the tape I remember why I forgot the episode was on. It was an EEEEK nightmare of a script and to some extent that was reflected in the episode. They happen for a number of reasons. And they will happen. When they do - bury them. Forget about them. You know the reasons and learn from them. Move on. Like scandal, they are yesterday's fish and chip wrappers.


Good Dog said...

The latest I noticed was in the trailer for "Knocked Up" In the trailer the girl tells the guy she is pregnant. He asks "why are you here hitting on me then?"

Ah, but there has to be material for the "unrated" version coming to DVD.

Actually, I noticed scenes in The Bourne Ultimatum trailer missing from the film.

Then again, trailers go out before the final cut is locked.

The "cheerleader" was in a film last week where she had to live with her aunt after her parents were killed. A pattern is emerging.

Phill Barron said...

I used to work in a cinema, sometimes for 18 hours at a time. We had a half hour trailer tape playing in the foyer on a constant loop so we'd get to hear (not watch, you're too busy) the same trailers 36 times a day.

Every fucking day.

Then you end up in this weird situation where you know not just every word, but the inflection and pronounciation of every word.

When they use a different take of the same scene in the feature it gets really annoying - as if the actor is saying the line wrong.

John Soanes said...

There also seem to be a lot of trailers which are edited to avoid revealing the fact that the film is subtitled (fast cuts with dramatic music, usually). I don't care about this myself, but people who avoid subtleties - er, I mean subtitles - are likely to be even more averse after such trickery, I think. Bad show, marketing!