Monday, October 15, 2007

BBC - a family business?

Perusing the BBC financial statements for 2006, as is my want I was struck by how family orientated the business is. That's so nice to see.

For example Baroness Deech, a Governor? Well..... her daughter is a journalist with BBC News.

Merfyn Jones, a Governor? Well..... his son is employed as a researcher with BBC News.

Ranjit Sondhi, a Governor?Well.... his wife is employed as Head of Political Community Affairs, whatever that is.

Richard Tait, a Governor? Well.....his wife is a commissioning editor with Radio 4.

Mena Richards, controller of BBC Wales? She is very family orientated, doing the double with payments to her sister's company Torpedo totalling £325, 000 for programmes and £56,000 to her husband for artistic rights.

Now I don't want to come across like Private Eye here. There ain't no law against members of a family working for the same company. I just find it interesting how the media blood obviously courses through the veins in some. Could be something in the water?


Anonymous said...

ED, I would like to quote you in a piece I'm doing for a National newspaper. Do you have any private contact details?


English Dave said...

BC as far as I'm concerned this blog is in the public domain so feel free to quote away. It won't be the first time a nutter with a blog's been quoted. lol

No offence, but no private contact details. I value my anonymity.

Anonymous said...

It would be in strict confidence ED. It's nothing controversial, to do with your posts on marketers v creatives. My editor would prefer a named source for our records.



English Dave said...

BC that's not a road I want to go down. Again though, feel free to quote what you like, if anything.
For me this blog is between me and whoever wants to read it. My opinion is worth as little as anyone elses and who I am or am not is of no consequence to me or them.

You'd get much better quotes from Paul Abbott and I'm sure he'd say much the same.

Anonymous said...

Huh? C'mon Dave. Why so coy?

Anonymous said...

And there, my friends, is an example of how to still have a career.

Good work English. Keep posting, keep under the radar, fight the good fight.


Danny-K said...

You've got to LOL at the irony of a poster cloaked in the safety of an unclickable anonymous handle, asking a blogger to stop being so coy about revealing their true identity to them alone.

Jon Peacey said...

Says a 251 year old Bristolian! ;-)

(Check Danny-K's profile!)