Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Teamsters Rule!

So the news from across the pond is that the Teamsters are throwing their weight behind the WGA in the proposed strike action. Kinda.

I think this is excellent news. Studios are far more terrified of the Teamsters than they are of the WGA.

But really I just like writing Teamsters! Americans always have such great names for things. Teamsters Local 389. I mean doesn't it just evoke smoke filled rooms, sharp suits, dodgy deals and the faint whiff of mafia?

What do we have? The South Croydon branch of the Transport and General Worker's Union. Just doesn't have the same ring does it? And possibly why prior to the Guy Ritchie inspired boom in Sarf Lundin gangster flicks you'd likely be met with a '' Brits don't do Gangsters, we have red telephone boxes and Bobbies with pointy hats'' if you tried to pitch one.

Probably why I can only think of three gangster flicks prior to the ''boom'' Get Carter, The Long Good Friday and The Krays.

Oh crap is that the time? I need to work!


Jon Peacey said...

Brighton Rock... had to be said.

English Dave said...

True Jon! I forgot about the b/w's lol

Jaded and Cynical said...

Perhaps we could get The Teamsters over to sort out British television.

Or maybe, now that he's out of work, we could call Paulie Walnuts direct.

Switched on C4 last night, and there was Krishnan Guru-Murthy presenting a reality show about a crack addict.

I was going to joke that they should call it How Clean Is Your Syringe, but this stuff is beyond parody.

It's one low point after another.

English Dave said...

lol Jaded. I believe he's doing a different addiction every week? Eventually we might get to 'producers hooked on crap reality shows'

Nathaniel Tapley said...

Brighton Rock, The Italian Job, Villain, A Clockwork Orange, The Lady Killers, The Lavender Hill Mob, The Krays, Face, Mona Lisa, Performance... Some people might wonder if we ever made anything else...