Saturday, November 10, 2007

Questions Questions

Okay so the Dev Ex has read your script, likes it and calls you in for a meeting. The breeze is shot, and then come the questions. The ones that for me, bluff mode is required to answer.


Which network do you see this on?

Truthful answer.

I haven't got a scooby. I just write. People like it or they don't. I don't give a monkey's which network. Isn't that someone elses job to figure out?

Actual answer.

BBC 2 - 9pm. {If in doubt always say BBC2 - 9pm.}


Where do you see the story and lead character in series three?

Truthful answer

How the hell do I know? I've done enough free work without blocking out three series. Put some cash on the table and I'll figure it out.

Actual answer

There's going to be a major twist at the end of series two that propells the lead and story right through series three. I'm still working on the fine detail.


Who do you see in the lead?

Truthful answer

Anyone you do.

Actual answer.

I think there are a number of young sexy leads who could play this. It wasn't written with anyone specific in mind.

Then it is your turn.

Truthful question

So are you serious about this or just spinning your wheels taking meetings to justify your job?

Actual question

I'm really glad you like this. Where do we go from here?

The truthful answer to that would be -if we were that interested we would already be speaking to your agent.

The actual answer will be -I have to run it past the boss and see what he says.

Three weeks later comes the email that you chased for saying they already have something similar in development.

I kid. It's not always as bad as that. Just enough to make it a cliche.


Book of Don said...

Here's my view of this pathetic little ballet between pitcher and catcher from this side of
the Atlantic.

We're in the midst of one of those tectonic upheavals where Comm Editors are being turfed quicker than Canada in a World Cup Regional Qualifying tourney. And that's fast.

So, there's an added dimension of ingratiating faux bonne hommie (..."we're pals in this together..."). Because the commissioners may soon be looking at life from where I sit on the Dark Side of the Moon.

English Dave said...

This is true Don. The TV and film worlds are littered with former execs now ''indie prod'' and struggling through the mire with the rest of us.