Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In revenge for standing on it my computer has thrown a wobbly. I'm hoping some of you boffins can supply the remedy. As you know, I'm useless.

Here's the problem. When I try to run internet explorer it comes up with a problem with an add-on.- namely google toolbar. I just about managed to find all the add ons and disabled the google toolbar.

Internet explorer now opens but won't let me publish anything on blogger. There is an error on the page and the 'publish' button doesn't appear.

I don't know if this is related or not, but I can't access my email. I have a yahoo account and when I try to open it I get a brief message saying my browser won't allow me to go to the url.

This happens whether the google add on is disabled or not.
It's obviously got me stumped. Any suggestions?


Tony said...

You could try downloading Firefox and when it asks select Import bookmarks from IE. Then try again with the new browser.


Schmucks with Underwoods said...

Ditto what Tony said

Tom said...

Seconded for a third time.

terraling said...

ditto once more, though you might need to know that you download it from

If you want to persist with IE, have you accidently changed security settings maybe? Under Tools>Options check the security tab and maybe reset to default. Or reset everything. Go to the advanced tab under options and there is a reset button to revert everything back to normal "if your browser is in an unusable state". If that still doesn't work go to and download the latest version and reinstall.

Lara said...

Hey ED, I would also ditto the dittos but if you still have problems after following terraling's instructions then perhaps try checking for spyware/adware/page hijack with a scanning programme (such as Adaware).

I used to get tons of issues like yours (but I hadn't stood on my slaptop!) and it turned out I had loads of cr*p on my system. Got rid of it all then I went Mac. Shiny new Mac. Mmmmm. Good luck!

English Dave said...

yay, thanks guys. Firefox did the trick. Your knowledge is astounding.

Just one more thing. How do I get the list of favourits on my IE account on to firefox? I've pressed the import button for bookmarks etc. Is there a favourite button or equivelant?

Lara said...

Ok this works for IE6 and 7 - not sure if that's what you have, should have had the favourites option next to goes:

Open Firefox & click File; click Import. There should be a dialogue box "Import Settings and Data" at the top. Underneath that are two radio buttons one saying "Microsoft Internet Explorer" (the other will say something different - ie Opera etc)

Click the IE radio button, then Next. You'll then have to choose what you transfer (Favourites, Internet Options, Cookies, Browsing History etc - you've probably got this far before?). Once you have chosen, click Next.

Firefox should then import all the options you selected & you should be able to click bookmarks from IE in a folder.

Hope it works! x

English Dave said...

aha! you're right Lara, thanks. It was tucked away under Bookmarks and then IE bookmarks. I thought they might have just appeared at the side of the page like it does on IE.

No matter, I feel like a rebel. I am the Luke Skywalker of the internet flying a firefox against the Death Star that is microsoft! lol

Lara said...

Cool. Happy historic browsing! x

Lucy said...

No idea what the frig anyone is talking about... If it's not sorted by now ED, apply a hammer to laptop and drink beer. Makes you feel better for about two minutes, then you realise you have to fill in the effing home contents insurance bullshit form. But did I mention it's two minutes of wrecking-goodness???