Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well, Merry Friggin Christmas Then

A post bourne out of the fact that I'm sitting in a motel about 40 miles South of Glasgow and I've just shelled out for an hour of internet time because my phone buzzed me that I had 7 e-mails.

One of those must be important, right?

Nope. Every single one was a round robin Christmas greeting from a producer or editor. So I have 57 minutes to kill.

Bah, humbug. Maybe I should invest in one of those Dangleberry's?

I though I was dead smart not flying up to Scotland but driving, as Heathrow is socked in and every domestic flight has been cancelled. Then I discoverd my first 200 miles of driving were in a pea soup fog surrounded by Mr McGoo's relatives on their way to a family gathering.

I managed 400 miles before the old bones began to creak and I sought comfort in several large Vodkas. So here I be. I believe it is called Abingdon. I really didn't fancy the dreaded Death Race 3000 known as the A9 to Inverness tonight, so a good night's kip is in order.

The A9 for those who don't know is a notorious killer of Boy Racers and tourists because it keeps switiching from dual carriageway to two lane and people ....well......forget.

This is my first Christmas without my son, who is spending it with his mother. Probably why I'm so crabby.

So to put things back in perspective I would like to wish a sincere Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone on the scribosphere. Your wit, good sense, boundless enthusiasm and selfless help have given me many hours of enjoyment over the last year.

Long may it continue.

Peace to all.


David Bishop said...

You're like ten miles down the road from Biggar. I could have taken you out for a pint - although, come to think of it, drinking a pint of vodka last night would probably have meant you're not legal to drive this morning.

Hope Christmas gets better as it gets closer.

Lee said...

Merry Christmas to you too, ED. May 2007 be the year of your high concept breakthrough.

wcdixon said...

Happy Holidays sir. And best wishes.

Piers said...

Merry Christmas, ED.

You hold 'em down. I'll hit 'em.

potdoll said...

Happy Christmas Lishous.

Schmucks with Underwoods said...

Merry Xmas mate! Cheers, SWU

English Dave said...

Dave- If only I'd known. Love your Caine posts.

Lee - Cheers, got a couple of interesting meetings in the New Year, one can but hope

Will - Keep those friday clips coming!

Piers - or as they say in Inverness 'you hodderum and I'll heederum' -[Gaelic/bagpipe playing joke]

Potty, I can't read that without having sinful thoughts, you've made an old man very happy. Doesn't take much.

Schmucks - 2007 is your year, I feel it in my water.