Monday, January 01, 2007


Drink less, exercise regulary, have more and better sex.

Okay those are the resolutions for 99% of us. Now they're out there, done, dusted, filed. Let's move on.

I got back home tonight after a week or so away and opened a pile of Christmas cards that arrived after I had departed for Jockland.

A couple of them got me in the mood for posting. Not that it takes that much.
So the first one was from my mate Paul. A movie producer. I class as a mate anyone who I like, and the fact I haven't spoken to him in over a year is neither here nor there. He's a top bloke and we both cut our teeth in the script reading game many moons ago.

But here's the scary part. Bear in mind I haven't spoken to him in over a year, I.E before I started blogging. His card says ' [paraphrase] 'I hear you are blogging as English Dave' [expletives deleted] No, just kidding, Paul is a gent, he never swears, and farts Lynx body spray . [I had to put that because I now have to phone him to explain to him and his lovely wife and son why I didn't send a card [I'm useless] and how to find the blog.

Fuck me, Paul. If you google English Dave I'm sure there can't be that many entries![Actually I suspect Paul is well aware and is that Atishoo spammer]

But- joking aside, it shows you what a small world this Biz is. Hence my pseudonym. I reserve the right to say what I damn well please without it costing me a penny!

The second card of note was from Gillian at the BBC. She doesn't know about this blog and would be mortified if she read this [she is also in a very happy relationship so bear that in mind when you read the following]

Gillian was a script editor on a show I worked on some time ago. She was fantastic. Fearless, supportive and smart. You can't ask for more from a script editor. Which is probably why she moved on.
A few months ago I met her again quite by chance when I was waiting for a driver outside the Beeb and she was arriving for work. I had just had the bombshell that my marriage was over and she was one of the first people I actually spoke to about it - because she asked about the family, not because I was desperate to emote to someone!

At that moment she was everything in life as she was in editing. Fearless, supportive and smart. And months later she took the time and trouble to get my address and send a greeting.
In a business reknowned for its shallowness there really are really good people out there. Like Paul and Gillian.
All we have to do is write. They have to deal with the politics. So my real resolution is to make sure they know they are appreciated.


potdoll said...

What did Gillian move on to do, dear Lisherella?

English Dave said...

She's a Dev Exec. which I guess is the natural progression. The best Dev Execs, like the best script eds are really good with writers.

Good Dog said...

Hey fella. Best wishes for the New Year.

potdoll said...

Oh right. Nice one, she sounds great.