Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just for laughs

I've sent a mini-bible to my agents on a new project I'm planning. It's a comedy! I know, I don't write comedy and so this is a first. It could quite possibly also be a last.

Truth be told I would have preferred to do it as a drama or dramedy. But here's the thing, the project is very critical of the UK film and TV industry and my agents reckon that no one in drama would touch it with a barge pole but I might slip it through with a comedy banner.

Sound advice I believe. Now all I have to do is get funny. I have never analysed a comedy in the same way I might do a drama. I know about the rule of 3 and all that, but this is a big departure for me and you know what.....I can't wait to see if I can do it or not. They say drama is just comedy without the funny bits [or was that just me]

One of the good things about writing for TV in this country is that there isn't the tendency to pigeon hole writers quite so much. Okay if you do 15 years on EastEnders and nothing else then you might hole your pigeon, but otherwise there is nothing much to stop a writer crossing genres other than their own talent or fear. If I can conquer the fear then all I have to worry about is the talent!

I may end up doing it as a dramedy rather than a comedy, but I won't be doing it at all if I can't slip it by them in the first place. Hence it makes sense to brand it as a comedy.

We shall see.

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