Saturday, January 27, 2007

Slurry Slurry Night

Okay so I got an email yesterday from the producer I drunk dialled a few posts ago.

For those who can't be bothered going back a few posts, myself included, here's a brief synopsis.

I'm out for an afternoon on the lash with a mate. Get home to find a Happy New Year greeting from a producer. Decide it would be a great idea to call her back. Decide it would be an even greater idea to pitch something and send a two sheet.

Regret it ever since.

Until the email. She loves the concept, just unsure how it would make a series. That's producer speak for can you do us six eps storylines for free. Can't blame them. And I don't mind doing it. I just mind doing it before there is the remotest spark of enthusiasm for the concept.

So I rattled of six eps worth of bullet point story lines. And this exercise proved something very important. On my agents advice I had pitched the project as a comedy. And it isn't. It's a comedy/drama or rather a drama/comedy.

Beating out those storylines forced me to see what direction I really wanted to go in. Which was the direction I wanted to go in to begin with.

So I sent over the storylines and then immediately phoned the producer and said ' Okay it's obviously not a comedy. This is what I really want to write.'

''Oh good, I was hoping you'd say that'' was her reply.

[I also pitched her another idea which I thought she'd seen but turns out she hadn't. Gotta work it! ]

And yes, the boss will probably nix the project. But that doesn't really matter. Most projects get nixxed. [is that a word?] The important thing is that this producer and I are on the same wavelength. And in this business that counts for a lot.

Okay, in this instance I knew we were on the same wavelength going in because I've known her for years, but this is the type of contact every new writer should be doing their damndest to make. People who will champion your work. Who care enough and have been moved enough by your writing to make an effort on your behalf. The people who the next time they get a project greenlit, you are on their writers' list. And it isn't just about your writing.

Red triangle warning.

If you're a bit of a prick learn some humility. Why would anyone help a prick? Don't be a prima donna. Being a ''creative'' doesn't give you a God given right to piss on people who don't ''get'' you. Or those that do.

Just be honest.


Good Dog said...

So sending a two sheet when you're three sheets to the wind can be a good thing?

Hope it gets past the boss.

Being a "creative" doesn't give you a God given right to piss on people who don't "get" you is something UK animators should be lectured on. Would have made my life a whole lot easier throughout the 1990s.

Phillip Barron said...

I make a point of being as nice to people as possible. Just because they don't want to work with you this time doesn't mean they won't consider you next time. Hence, my conversations with anybody, no matter how important they might be, go something like this:

Producer: "You're a talentless, useless, unimaginative hack. You can't write, you're just shit. Give up before you embarrass yourself further."

Me: "Thank you very much. I like your shoes."

English Dave said...

Lol Good Dog. I suppose the moral of the story is.....nobody knows anything!!!!

and lol Phil. But if a producer said that to me I would have a 'The Player' moment. '' Hey I can always write, when they fire you what the hell are you gonna do!''