Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Father Figure Who Does Oral

Wow, this might be an NC 17 post. Or X rated as my generation calls it. Apologies to my writer mate who is nicking the line for a script lol, but my standard joke answer to ''what do women want'' also strikes me as a good, non gender orientated mode of behaviour for writers with regards to their relationship with producers.

A father figure is stable, balanced, circumspect, is willing to compromise and will do what is best for the good of the family/project.

He's also willing to give his missus a bit of pleasure just to make her feel good.

But sometimes the father figure has to say enough is enough. Kids are getting out of hand or his tongue gets cramp.

Knowing when to say enough is enough and actually being listened to depends on the gravitas you have built up and if you can actually enounciate ''enough'' with a tongue cramp.


wcmartell said...

Dave - what are you doing Monday?

- Bill (seems like a strange reply considering the topic)

English Dave said...

Lol actually I am in the process of breaking up with my girlfriend -so still on topic.

I will either be having a heart to heart or meet you for a pint.

Who the hell am I kidding. Time and place?

wcmartell said...

Meet at Holborn Tube station (as usual) - I have no idea what time works, I'm trying to find out what works for Wolfy.

Bring her along - break up in the pub.

- Bill

English Dave said...

She is gorgeous so I'd like to bring her along for bragging rights if only I hadn't just mugged her off. In a good way I hasten to add.Maybe I can still beg?

Holborn whatever time, no worries.

Good Dog said...


Okay to join you guys? Unless it would cause complications in which case we can meet up for that drink another time.

wcmartell said...

Get Drunk In London With Bill Martell!

Meet at 7:30pm (19:30) in front of Holborn Tube Station on Monday night (tonight).

Everyone is invited.

Bill will be wearing a bright blue and white striped short and jeans. He has a moustache, but is heterosexual. He has a fat face,

Have a pint or two... or six!

- Bill

English Dave said...

As Bill says, the more the merrier. Complications have ensued with me so if I'm not there bang om 7.30 it means I won't make it unfortunately. So don't hang around. It will be a great evening, I know from experience.