Thursday, July 26, 2007

Such a blast

.......... reading these scripts. I forgot how much I enjoyed script analysis and am getting quite a buzz. I've got about a weeks work ahead of me out of my three week window so if anyone else is interested please feel free to contact me on


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I was wondering if I could pick your knowledgable brain. I know it varies but how much would a non-name writer expect to get if a company wanted to develop their idea into a ten page treatment? I was told the BBC actually pays a lot less, sometimes only a couple of hundred, is this right? Also if two writers are working on the project does the fee get divided in two?



English Dave said...

Hi anon. If you mean it is the writers idea the company would first option the project. Payment does vary greatly depending on the company. The last project I had optioned was for £3000. That was for the option and to do a treatment for the first ep.

I've never heard of the BEEB paying only a couple of hundred but stranger things have happened.

If two writers bring a project to a company then the fee will generally be split in two. It's up to the writers really.

Is that what you meant? It is unlikely that a company with their own idea will comission two seperate writers on a treatment, unless the writers were a team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you should get paid for this.


English Dave said...

It's nada CP. When I first started out the internet was a scary place of huge mystery. A bit like Broadcasting House or Network Centre.

If I'm any kind of resource to new writers then that makes the blog worthwhile.