Monday, July 09, 2007

Meet Bill Martell

An open invitation to join Bill for a few beers tonight MONDAY 9th July.

7,30 pm outside Holborn Tube.


Piers said...

Can't. Have to write tonight. Can someone buy him a beer for me?

Piers said...

Hell, get one for yourself too while you're at the bar.

Anonymous said...

how was the night davo?

English Dave said...

My apologies to all. I couldn't make it. A bug neccessating close proximity to a toilet. I had hoped it might have been all right on the night as it wee.

Anonymous said...

Dave - we missed you!

Dramanaut said...

This isn't about Bill (who he?) but about your entry . . . oh, lots of them - about British TV drama. I read them with a mixture of Schadenfreude and barely suppressed horror. I wish, from my own observations at the script-and-screen face, I could disagree with you - but I can't. And today, I open the Broadcast website to see that - FX took 300,000 viewers with (the brilliant) Dexter. And Five US took 615,000 with (haven't seen it yet) Dirt. Okay, so they were both developed by US cable channels which can take more risks (tho FX is a basic, not a premium, channel). But that's almost a million viewers lost to terrestrial TV! When will our commissioners wake up and realise - next time they subject us to something like Holby Blue - that THIS is what they're competing with.
Thanks - I feel better now.

English Dave said...

Still between toilet breaks. Wolfy I bet it was a blast. As you know, Bill talks the most nuts and bolts sense you'll ever hear about writing.

Dramanaut I think it's all about concept.

Typical UKTV concept - a family/couple/postalworkers/ hairdressers/ have some interpersonal difficulties.

Typical USA concept - A BattleStar/Serial Killer policeman/ mafia family have some interpersonal difficulties. Set against a background of Universal truth.

It's in the hook. Get people watching because of the hook, then keep them hooked with good story telling.
Simple, one would think.

Good Dog said...


Sorry you didn't make it. Bill spoke perfect nuts and bolts sense and was an absolute pleasure to spend time with.

When you're back on your feet I'll get you that pint.

English Dave said...

GD I figured you'd get on like a house on fire. Gutted I couldn't be there. Raindance is the one time I get to meet Bill and several of the compadres.