Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Keep Your Mouth Shut Part 2

See this is the whole problem with blogs. I've got this bizzare story to tell that happened recently and.....I just can't. The possibility of a major shitstorm for me and the particular show involved if it ever got out into the wider world where walls have ears is just too great.

Having said that, if I get canned from the show then all bets are off!

But it involves show politics of either Machiavelleian twistedness, or stupidty on a level last seen when a hedgehog tried to fuck a loo brush.

To give some kind of angle to what happened all I can say is I much prefer the guy coming at me head on with a hatchet than the knife in the back.

In this case I think I was the innocent pinking shears picked up by a homicidal maniac and used to attack the first victim in a slasher flick.

Execs can play games with each other that writers can't get near to comprehending. They have to. A writer relies on writing talent. An exec can have a number of quite different agendas.

I'm keeping my mouth shut.


Dom Carver said...

Go on, you can tell us. We promise we won't tell anyone else.

pooks said...

It's not polite to tease.

wcdixon said...


Hey if will help to get off the chest, email it to me and I'll do another anonymous post ---

That said, I hear you. Forget the's gotten to the point in the University classes I teach where I'm considering not telling the ugly 'swimming with sharks' reality. The past couple classes when I've recounted a good horror story, I've watched their young faces go from smiling anticipation to blank stares to pretty much disbelief...even had one student say: "Yeah, right." I say - i'm not making this up...part of me thinks now they really don't want to know.

English Dave said...

hmmmmmmmmm gag....nmmmmmmmmm

Can't do it. But the moral of the story is if you are a writer hoping to work or working on serial TV, then 'Keep thy head down and write, sayeth the Lord'. is the cardinal rule.

One day I might learn that.

English Dave said...

Thanks for the offer Will but the scribosphere being what it is I actually know that some interested parties read your blog.

Any details would immediately let the cat out of the bag.

It involved the use of fear, lies misdirection, and a stunning piece of mis -manmanagement.

I may have let the cat out of the bag! lol

wcdixon said...

Sorry, wasn't trying to start anything. And I'm still naively operating as if no one is paying attention out there.

wcmartell said...

So here I am in London, talking to an ex-exec turned creative about how execs are all about the deal and the politics of the deal and how to screw people over in the deal.... and those of us who are creative never see it coming.

Everyone has an agenda. Usually our agenda is just to get the damned words on the screen.

On movie 18 the """"star""" (mostly in his own mind) didn't want anyone more talented or more famous than him cast in the movie - this excluded any actual actors from being in the film.

He thought it would make him look better... it ended up just makiing sure that no one would ever see the dreadful film. Bad agenda.

Eventually all backstabbers accidentally stab themselves.

- Bill (available for a pint next week - but not on Friday or the weekend because I'm teaching).

English Dave said...

Any time after Monday Bill. I'm chained to the computer till then. Kid Charlemainge is also across next week I think. We could make a night of it with a few of the Brit Pack!

I'll email you contact details.

English Dave said...


EJ Pennypacker? Little help?
I've just realised I don't have Bill's email. Can you email me it -if you see what I mean?

wcmartell said...