Monday, October 16, 2006

You Get A Feeling

Much as I suspected I got a call from the interested producer on Project X. She couldn't swing it past her boss. No big surprise. Phone language is another form of body language and I knew from Friday's call that 'I want to do this' is nowhere near 'If my boss says no I'll claw his face off.' You can tell when it is more in hope than expectation. Much like me attempting to chat someone up in a pub.

I've no complaints. Thanks to the producer singing my praises the boss said he'll commission me on one of their other shows . Which I know she did because she is a sweetie - and a great judge of talent!

What was more worrying was that the reason for the pass was that BBC and ITV are apparently currently developing projects with related themes to Project X. That is bad news for it's prospects anywhere else. It doesn't make it impossible but its another obstacle to overcome.

Unfortunately that is the writer's lot. Unless you have a mole in the Networks you have no way of knowing what they have recently started developing and you can go quite a way down the road before you find out. I'll chuck it out to a few more people but if the same reaction comes back then it is pretty much dead in the water.

But its all swings and roundabouts. My two previous spec projects were investigative. Every one said you can't shift them. The Networks aren't looking for them right now.

Guess what the producer just asked me? Yup. Do you have any ideas for an investigative serial ? The BBC are looking apparently.

Hey Ho! All aboard the merry-go-round.


Good Dog said...

Is this because they need to find something to replace the promised second State of Play?

Good luck with it.

And, regarding your comments on other blogs...

Well, I got the '85% of statistics are made up.' Good one. Everyone else seemed to be in serious-subject mode.

mark g said...

We've clearly got a lot in common...

English Dave said...

Thanks Good dog. Don't know about State of Play 2 but I read that Brad Pitt has signed up for the movie.

Mark, ever feel like a worker bee trying to feed an insatiable yet fussy eating Queen? lol