Saturday, October 14, 2006

Project X update

Well. Project X has only gone out to a couple of people so far. I got a call the other day from a producer at a major prodco to say she loves it and wants to do it but has to run it by her boss first.

I'm not holding my breath. Because there is a major obstacle in the way. About 8 years ago this same prodco produced something with a vaguely similar premise. It wasn't well received.

Now I can argue that the concept and tone are entirely different, that the TV audience has moved on from those times, that the previous project was in the wrong time slot --- you name it. It probably won't do any good. Failure casts a long shadow.

But the good news is that someone likes it. And you never know.

What it has done though is unlock a memory that I had completely forgotten about.

9 years ago I had a meeting with the producer who got that original series commissioned, just a couple of days after she had met the writer. I recall her saying something very telling to me that set alarm bells ringing.

She said, in very unworried terms, that the writer, after pitching the idea admitted he didn't have much in the way of story to go along with the idea because that wasn't really his forte.


I don't know how many episodes of that series the writer was involved in, but could that be the reason for it bombing, right there? Maybe?

If the creator doesn't have a strong story sense of where the series is heading then how the heck can anyone else?

I was in my writer short pants back then, so though I knew something was amiss here I didn't say anything. I was too busy weaseling for a gig on the show. Which in the event was never even offered. Maybe not such a bad thing as it turns out.

Anyway, next week I'll tell my agents to put Project X out to a few more, telling them to read it quickly because major prodco is interested. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition. Gotta work it baaaaby!


read said...

Since you mentioned you're writing short pants... I was curious to know how you got on this path of being a writer. I mean one who makes a living at it.

Did you start out doing other things and write on the side? How do you overcome the practical side of your brain and trust the artistic/creative side?? I feel this battle daily. It's like trying to live 2 lives at the same time but one must stay in my head because if it comes out it will destroy the other (real?) life.

It may be prudent to mention I've had very little sleep. Last night was a bitch at work. I was only there 5 minutes and had an intervention, then it went downhill from there.

I don't know if you've checked out my blog site but my last post I put up a pic of a full moon saying this is what psych nurses fear most, now I guess I'll have to add Friday the 13th to that list!! LOL

But seriously I guess I'm going through some things and just need to know how it all came about for you so I can try to reconcile some things in my brain.


English Dave said...

It's a very long story Read which I'll cut very short. I started writing as a form or relaxation and in the hope of earning some money. My financial situation had taken a tumble and I was ducking and diving all the hours to support my family. Writing was escapism.

I got an agent pretty much straight away and then I made just about every mistake in the book as far as a writing career goes so it took probably another couple of years before I made a cent.

Meantime I was still ducking and diving trying to earn a crust. I never felt I had a split personality in that way. I was a writer with a day job. It probably helped that the day jobs were no brainers and I wasn't trying to build any kind of career outside of writing.

Try not to make it a battle, because that takes all the fun out of it. And writing is like sex. It's more fun when you're not being paid for it!

wcdixon said...

Good luck only takes one bite, whether there's a ton of nibbles or only one fish (I'm not even sure what that

read said...

I guess part of the problem is that I want to skip ALL the pitfalls and go straight to success!!!!LOL