Saturday, October 28, 2006

Like looking in a Mirror

Here's a hilarious post A Writer's Life

The terrible thing is it is both hilarious and frighteningly accurate. At least for me. And be honest, most of you too.

If I got paid on the same scale for creatively avoiding writing as creatively writing I'd be rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

I've got around 30 scenes to write for a deadline next Friday. So far, I've written......nothing.

Thursday, my son was on half term. We went to the movies. At night, had a fight with soon to be ex-wife, got drunk and made angry and ill judged internet postings.

Friday, spent a long time deciding whether to go to a wrap party. I had a late meeting which made getting a flight difficult. But as it's the show the deadline is for I figured if none of them are working why the hell should I? And I had to prepare for my meeting, didn't I?

Saturday, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Football Focus and deciding what to do with an unexpected residuals cheque put paid to the morning. A long and delicious Chinese Lunch at Confuscious in Wimbledon with my son covered most of the afternoon.

And now....I'm blogging. I know what I could be doing. I know what I should be doing. But I ain't gonna. Nope.

My next blog may be on Wednesday when I am berating myself for once again leaving things to the last minute.


Dom Carver said...

For God's sake, what ever you do don't buy Football Manager 2007. One QUICK game has turned into a nine hour marathon. No writing done at all, but at least I have the consolation that I'm not being paid for it anyway.

Damn FM 2007's addictivness.

English Dave said...

It's research for your football manager drama. Yes? lol

Cybez said...

Isn't it more fun leaving everything until the last minute? :-)

DJ said...

Writing with a gun to your head gets things done.


Cybez said...

As long as the guy holding the gun is wearing an inspirational balaclava.

Simon said...

If only I could turn my blog into something useful.

English Dave said...

Harry Potter and the Inspirational Balaclava.

Catchy title. lol

Cybez said...

'Harry Potter and the Inspirational Balaclava' never mind just a title, what about a new religon.Then if the Inspirational Balaclavaites weren't allowed to wear there balaclavas they could claim discrimination like you know who