Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Take A Chill Pill

I left off Project X for a week or so while I got a commission done. Truth be told I was hoping to get the X script done before the commission, but there you go. The best laid plans etc.

I suppose today I should really be getting back to it. Buy I ain't gonna. Here's why.

The reason I didn't get X finished before the commission is that bad thoughts were circulating in my head about the structure and tone. Or, conversely, good thoughts were circulating in my head about altering structure and tone. In any event the pages were drying up as a result.

I think you have to trust your instinct on this. Your writing sub-conscious is telling you that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. You can't put your finger on it and there is no use trying to force it. So what do you do?

Well, I'm going to read a script for a friend that I've been promising for weeks. Post a blog. Check out a few others. Phone a mate and bitch about execs we have known and how that guy who can't write a shopping list keeps getting hired. Have a walk. Pick my son up from School. Make dinner. Tonight I'm out for some beers with fellow scribes.

Work. Work. Work! Or at least my sub-conscious is. And for a writer I reckon that is one of the most valuable ways to spend your time. Sure, you can't let days and days go by before you sit down in front of the blinking cursor [or fucking swearer if you're in a particularly bad mood] because that's called avoidance. And if you're on a tight deadline you won't have that luxury.

But this is for me. I want to enjoy writing it, and if I have nagging doubts then the pages are going to reflect that. So I'll take a chill pill today, let the fog of the last commission lift and trust my sub-conscious to deliver the goods on time tomorrow. Or shortly thereafter.

I'm also a bit lazy. But just a bit.

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