Monday, October 23, 2006

The New One

Okay I've decided to not post about Project X unless something significant happens with it, which it probably won't for reasons aformentioned in previous blogs.

So let's move on to bright, shining new project titled 'Left Behind'. Okay its not the title I originally thought of, that had to change because the original protag has gone and the antag has become the protag's a long story. But I do know that the title 'Left Behind' leaves the door open for TV critics to make snide comments like 'What a cheek' and 'He made an arse of that' But what the hell. I should be so lucky that it ever makes the screen.

It's a working title. It helps me focus on what it is about. So screw 'em. I've just sent a mini-bible to my agents [my mini bible = premise, concept and main characters but no storylines] and I'll see what reaction I get from them in a week or so.

I SOOOOOOOOOOO want to write this. But I'm a bit leery about launching into a spec script because it's fairly big budget and I want to find out if anyone has the chops for it first.


wcdixon said...

Go for it, said it all when you said 'SOOOOOOOO...' - that's sooooo much better a starting place than 'I HAVE to write this...'.

David Bishop said...

Inevitably, somebody's beaten you to the punch on the title Left Behind. It's a series of a dozen bestselling thriller novels published in the US, about life after all the true believers ascend to heaven. Those left behind get to fight the Antichrist.

It's been a huge hit in America, complete with Left Behind The Movie [starring Kirk Cameron[ and a bestselling collection of graphic novels.

English Dave said...

Cheers Will

Screw em Dave, If Paul Haggis can get away with CRASH after the furore caused by Cronenberg's of the same name then I can get away with Left Behind

Just kiddin. Like I say it'a a working title. If it ever gets anywhere the marketing people will kick the shit out of it anyway.