Thursday, October 26, 2006

Soak Time Update

Having had to read a ton of stuff for a commission meeting. Attended said commission meeting and now thinking about first draft of new commission the subconcious has popped up a new title on the 'Left Behind' project [ My thanks to Dave Bishop for bringing that to my attention] a huge new ongoing story line and a massive obstacle related to the premise.

I suppose what I'm saying is that in order to be become a pro writer you have to block off time when you don't give a shit.

No agenda. No thinking you have to please someone else. Some innate trait in your personality pops up what is going to work. Trust it.

If you have talent, that will get you in . But remember that if you are hired on a long running show you have to conform to the wishes of the least intelligent or talented in the chain of command. Unless you have the nuts to bypass them.

I tried that. I had a script editor on a show I nicknamed 'Mr. Goodluck' He had been a lawyer and I presume was sacked. He fetched up at an iconic British TV drama. Possibly because his father was a famous film director. [True] I got him on his first episode. I called him Mr. Goodluck because every time he phoned me to give me notes he got from the team he said ' I don't know what they mean or how you're going to do this but good luck'

Unfortunately the show was in a state of flux re Exec producers and all points down. When I bypassed the non-sensical script editor to go directly to the new producer I got canned.

Would I do it again?


A writer has to have some fun in life.


wcdixon said...

Woo hoo... 'Mr Goodluck and Goodnight' - that's sweet (not the canned part)...but have heard that "not sure what this means and how you're going to do this" refrain on more than one occasion. Probably even said it aloud to someone else as well.

Series tv quotes for the wall.

English Dave said...

Somehow I knew you'd get it. lol